designing an OPT Power Phase 5 program program for your client

Before completing this Assignment #4, review Assignments #1, #2, #3 and the OPT Template (attached). In the intervening weeks, use all of this information to build upon as you complete this assignment (for your Final Project, as well). This will ensure that you are addressing all required components for the assignment. Assignment #4 For Assignment #4, you will be designing an OPT Power Phase 5 program program for your client (YOU). Based on the goals of your client (YOU), design a program using OPT Power Phase 5. For this phase you will be responsible to provide the following information regarding your client’s (YOU) NASM OPT Power Phase 5 program: OPT Program Power Phase 5 Including: Cardiorespiratory training protocols, SMR & Flexibility training protocols, Core & Balance training protocols, Reactive training protocols, Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) training protocols, and Resistance training protocols. Performance Assessment information (or performance assessment data collected for phase 5) with rationale about how this information will inform your program design Narrative discussing why you chose specific training protocols and exercises for your client and how your choices will help your client reach his/her training goals. Completed OPT phase 5 Template (Refer to Chapter 10 of your text book In addition to the above, the narrative should focus on why you chose the exercises and how they will assist your client (YOU) with their goals. All of the above information must be relevant and woven together with the client’s performance goals to build upon and develop a client specific exercise program. Please express sufficient detail in your program covering all acute variables such as Intensity or Weight (using Rep maximum data), Sets, Reps, Tempo, and Rest. Please submit your assignment using a combination of narrative & any charts/graphs that you think are appropriate (see attachments). Be sure to provide a detailed (and appropriately referenced) rationale for why you have chosen each one of your exercises (based on the items from the Fitness Assessment from Assignment #1 & Program progression from Assignment #2 & #3). In the OPT Template, be sure to include sets, reps, tempo, rest, and pertinent coaching tips & instructions. As well, in the narrative, please detail your program and the rationale for each of the variables mentioned above. Formatting The narrative of your paper should be at least 2-4 pages. Any charts or tables you add will add to this. Using charts and tables will help to provide visual guidance as to your client’s health status and your thought process. Please support your rationale for using any and all of your assessments with appropriate academic sources (minimum of 2 + textbook = Minimum 3 References). The writing component must meet all rules of APA formatting (6th edition) and MUST be submitted in WORD document format only. title page headers page numbers in-text citations reference list *with the title and reference pages, your entire submission will be no shorter than 4 pages. **Also, please refer to our APUS Library for help with APA formatting. Please use your NASM text, the NASM forms (attached below), and any other peer-reviewed/scientific resources you may find as reference material for this assignment. Our APUS Library Search Engines are a good place to begin. Please save your document as LastName FirstInitial Assign 4 SPHE420 For example : Gallivan K Assign 4 SPHE420 There are several ways to incorporate a Template/Table into your WORD document; a few hints: If you are unsure of how to do this -the easiest way is to complete your template on one document, then take a screenshot (I use a Mac & the command for screenshot is command+shift+4, which then gets saved as a pic. On a PC, there is often a “print screen” button which actually saves the screenshot to your desktop OR to a clipboard for you to paste in a word doc), open and copy the picture, then paste it into the document in the appropriate spot. Please refer to the attached rubric for additional details and guidance.

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