Develop a written comprehensive personal system of management.

Research clearly suggests that coaches who are effective at managing their teams have a plan for success. To help you manage your team so athletes may have a quality learning experience, it will help if you develop a written comprehensive personal system of management. Your written personal management model will: A. Promote trusting relationships between you and your athletes B. Prevent predictable student behaviors C. Help your athletes to be involved in an optimal learning experience D. Enable you and your athletes to feel good about the time spent on your team. It is important to remember that there are many variations and unique management strategies that are being used by effective coaches. The objective of this exercise is to give you the opportunity to formulate in writing your own personal management strategies that you feel will lead to maximized learning and performance in your program. As you answer the following questions you will be establishing your own personal discipline model to promote success for you and your athletes. For each of the following ten questions describe a minimum of three – five ideas that are relevant to your success as a leader. 1. What are your personal “needs” or “likes” that you will need to have met in your team? 2. What are the behaviors or conditions that you will “dislike” in your team? 3. What are (5) general rules that will be in effect at all times to insure a positive and healthy learning environment for you and your athletes? 4. Which proactive steps will you take in your team to prevent behavior problems from ever occurring? 5. What are the positive consequences that you will use to draw attention to when individual athletes follow the rules? 6. What are the positive consequences that you will use to draw attention to when the entire team follows the rules? 7. Which supportive discipline measures will you use to help your athletes support their own self-control when you see them beginning to “drift?” 8. What are the negative consequences that you will use when athletes do not abide by your rules? 9. What are ways you as a leader can establish and maintain a positive climate for you and your athletes? 10. What are ways that you plan to get parents on your side to help you coach their child on your team? (100 Points) * It is really best to NOT follow APA guidelines for this assignment so that you can LIST using bullet format and EXPLAIN your ideas for each question rather than write in typcial APA paragraph format. The goal of this assignment is to articulate your ideas so that a prospective employer could easily ascertain your philosophy on how you promote excellent behavior in those you lead. Be sure to include an opening paragraph to clearly explain the level of athlete and type of sport you intend to use your management ideas for. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages required for this assignment, however, keep in mind that this model of management that you are creating should be included in your professional portfolio and needs to be carefully constructed so that it gives a comprehensive overview of your philosophy of management. In every interview I have conducted when asked to ascertain the quality of a potential teacher or coach I always ask the following question: “Please describe your personal philosophy on how you proactively promote good behavior and manage poor behavior in your students.” It is easy to see the candidates who have given this critical question thorough analysis and those who are bluffing. The completion of this assignment will help you clarify in your own mind where you stand on this important facet of leadership and help you nail any potential interview if asked about your management of behavior. * NOTE: Since this assignment is a lengthy one requiring much self analysis, it will be due at the end of the last week of the course.

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