Diet Analysis Program/ Nutrition for Sports Perfomance

For the week 1 assignment, there is an interactive experience that allows you to choose from 3 case scenarios and evaluate an athlete’s diet 3-day recall (assume one individual on the given team). You must meet all three coaches (open all three of their screens) and then go back to the “director” screen. From there, you will be able to choose a scenario. Once you’ve chosen the coach you’d like to work with, a word file will download that contains the foods the athlete consumed. Next, use the eatracker website- to complete a nutritional analysis for the three days (think about them individually and as a whole) please provide this with write up. Feel free to enter in information about their gender, weight, etc. to make the analysis as accurate as possible. Lastly, answer the questions provided in a Word document (the text boxes are limiting you to two lines)…these responses, while not long essays, should be more than a bulleted list of 3-4 words (explain your answer–share why you’ve chosen the things you did–what part of the report did you use to determine your response/strategy–etc.). You should submit a minimum of four reports (one for each of the three days and the summary). Lastly, make sure you used the meals provided and did not make up your own. 🙂 When you upload your final assignment, it is crucial that you put the scenario in your document title–I will have no other way to know which you chose (i.e. save the file as “assignment 1 coach speedy” or something similar). Thanks! Scenario for write up Coach Power Is in charge of the weightlifting team. My guys and gals pour on the protein because they swear it builds muscle. By, many are exhausted before the end of their workout. They canÂ’t make it through the work out. I know, we need more protein. Going to evaluate the sample diet of the team that is attached. Also keep in mind to include and answer these questions: Where did your playerÂ’s dietary intake fall short of the Myplate recommendation? What changes would you suggest to meet the Myplate recommendations? Be specific. Which nutrients were less than 100% of the DRI goal? What role did physical activity level play in the players dietary plan? How much water were they consuming? In the select the Analyze your food button and sign up/log in My food tab. Select a day form last week on the calendar. Then use the search > food menu to find and add the food form the athleteÂ’s diet. Use the calendar to select the next day and repeat. Once you have entered all the foods go to the My eating feedback area in the diet analysis program. Have fun reviewing each report for each day. Ask yourself, what did you learn about that players diet? At the top of each report is a link titles Print all reports save and report as a PDF you will need to submit with assignment APA format, 2 pages with added report from

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