Diverse Population exercise

Think about populations that social workers work with whom you would prefer to NOT to work. Select ONE population and write a 3 to 5 pages on why you have made this decision. ( The purpose of this project is for students to reflect on their reactions of DIVERSE POPULATION). A. what is the population with whom you would prefer NOT WANT to work with? (provide data to describe this population) B. What are your CONCERNS about working with this population? c. Describe situations in which the status or circumstances of this group is different from other groups within the broader society. D. Is this group generally discriminated against? E. what would you need to do to prepare yourself to WORK with this population? What would you do if a member of this population came to you for help? F. How would you remedy this situation(s) ? Consider human rights and local culture in your answer. G. What type of POLICY or LAW would you recommend to REMEDY this situation? H .What is your RESPONSIBILTY in MAINTAINING RIGHTS for this group? NOTE; Cite all sources used by you.

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