Does violent video games cause people to act violent in real life?

Your final essay should be 1200 words long and should follow the guidelines for writing a research essay in the section titled, “Inquiry Project: Writing a Research Essay, on page 356 of your textbook. Craft an essay that addresses a clearly expressed researchable inquiry question that has an effective introduction, a body that makes a convincing case for your answer to the question with appropriate supporting details and evidence, and a satisfying conclusion; an essay that correctly incorporates relevant and credible ideas and information gathered through careful research as support for your own critical perspective on the topic. For additional assignment details, go to the “Major Assignments” folder and select “Research Essay Outline” to view and/or print the assignment summary. Specific Requirements Include a title page, the body of your paper, and a references page. No abstract is required. Use correct APA documentation style for citing sources in the text of your essay and in constructing your References page. We use APA style at Bellevue University. To find the guidelines for APA, review pages 459-472. You will not be expected to be expert in this area. Just do the best you can. You can also use the “APA Help Center” tab located on the left-hand navigation bar under the Resources section of the Blackboard navigation menu for additional resources, or contact the Bellevue University Writing Center and set up an appointment to receive additional assistance. Cite at least five different sources derived from library/online research in your essay. You may include personal communications and first hand research too, but that must be in addition to your library research. The body of your essay must be at least 1200 words long.

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