(DUE NOV 12TH 10PM ) ESSAY / Reading Summary Question – RS3.1

Choose one of the readings from chapters 10-12 from ( An examined life Book ) and summarize, explain, and evaluate the main points of the reading in an argumentative essay in which you defend a thesis. Your essay should be between 4-5 paragraphs, including an intro and conclusion, and between 300-500 words. Do not include any direct quotations from the original text. Instead, summarize the position, and include a citation to the original. Papers with direct quotations will be returned ungraded. Papers with uncited direct quotations are instances of plagiarism, and will be returned with a failing grade. (PLEASE READ ! ) Attach your Reading Summary as a .doc or .docx file only. Submissions that are simply copy/pasted into the box will be returned ungraded. You may choose any one of the following readings to complete this assignment: CHAPTER 9: The Death Penalty and Capital Punishment What Will Doom the Death Penalty: Another Failed Government Program? by Daniel LaChance The Death Penalty: A Debate by Ernest van den Haag CHAPTER 10: Free Speech and Personal Liberties On Liberty by John Stuart Mill CHAPTER 11: The Struggles for Equality The Sword That Heals by Martin Luther King, Jr. Famine, Affluence, and Morality by Peter Singer

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