Education in prisons is valid and necessary-persuasive speech

Hi, I need the outline (around 4 pages) in specific format as in example below: (EXAMPLE OF PERSUASIVE SPEECH OUTLINE – starts on page 8) Plus I need a presentation as format of essay- 2 pages, please. Additionally: -Persuasive speech must be subjective, one-sided, biased, and your evidence must support one viewpoint on an issue and attack all others. -It is required that you specifically state your perspective/viewpoint on the issue at the end of your introduction. Don’t wait until the conclusion to disclose your persuasive position since the Body of your speech must support your persuasive position. -please include in the speech at least 3 diffrent sources and tell where you found the information -Don’t forget to orally mention at least three (3) of your sources as you deliver your essay-speech. -Use rhetorical questions and hypothetical situations to create variety in pitch, rate, and volume in essay-speech Thank you!

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