Effect of Compensation Management on Employee Performance. Evidence from Capital Hospital Kathmandu, Nepal.

Abstract Table of contents List of figures Table of major symbols and units Framework model 1. CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background of the study 1.2 Objectives of the study 1.2.1 The Main Objective 1.2.2 The Specific Objectives 1.2.3 Scope of the study 2. CHAPTER II – LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Overview about Compensation Management in Hospital 2.2 challenges associated with compensation management 2.3 Summary of the literature review 3. CHAPTER III – METHODOLOGY 3.1 Quantitative and Qualitative research 3.2 Data Collection 3.3 Research design 3.4 Study model 3.5 Population and sampling design 3.6 Tool of the study 3.7 The validity and reliability of the questionnaire 3.7 Data analysis method 3.8 Research Hypothesis 4. CHAPTER IV – RESULT AND DISCUSSION 4.1 The Data Analysis of Questionnaire 4.2 Results 4.3 Discussion. 5. CHAPTER V – CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION 5.1 Conclusion. 5.2 Recommendation 5.3 Limitation of the study REFERENCE Appendix Questionnaire I need 12 questionnaire and 200 examine. I need statistical analysis from year 2001 to 2018. I need statistical analysis. I have lack of information so add some information for me. Note: i am giving you my thesis proposal as an attachment but don’t copy anything from that because its just for your reference. Put all new things.

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