Effects of the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy on the Financial Institutions and Markets

In your Final Paper, Evaluate how the Federal Reserve monitors and influences unemployment and inflation in the U.S. economy.Describe the Federal Reserve’s traditional and nontraditional monetary policy tools.Describe the pros and cons of the Federal Reserve’s implementation of expansionary or contractionary monetary policy tools under different economic situations (e.g., a recession/depression vs. an economic boom).Assess your institutionintermediary’s financial situations during the previous five years.Appraise how your institution/intermediary has been responding to changes in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.Explain how the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy affects your institution/intermediary in the financial market. Discuss in detail.Explain how you would expect the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy to change in the next six months, based on the financial market today, addressing the following:Is the Federal Reserve more likely to implement expansionary policy or contractionary policy?How would this change affect your institution/intermediary and the financial markets?How would your institution/intermediary respond to the anticipated Federal Reserve’s monetary policy change? The Final Paper Must be eight to 10 double-spaced

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