Employee retention, Employee Motivation as well as Reward System

Hey there! I am looking to write a research paper about employee retention, motivation as well as reward system. I want to cover the following subjects: Retaining and Motivating Employees 1.1.1 Employee Orientation 1.1.2 Training and Development 1.1.3 Employee Motivation Additional Tools for Employee Retention Reward System for Employees 1.1.1 Purpose of Reward 1.1.2 Financial Reward 1.1.3 Nonfinancial Reward 1.2 Recruitment 1.2.1 Recruitment Process 1.2.2 Sources of Recruitment 1.2.3 Techniques and Methods of Recruitment I will give you further information about the task as soon as I give you the order. It is important that you deliver all your sources used as PDF files. APA standards for sourcing and writing should be followed. 15 Pages (1.5 spaced) are required. Graphs should be included if possible but do not count towards the 15 pages.

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