Enhancing your understanding of heredity and the environment

Enhancing Your Understanding of Heredity and the Environment PART 1 DUE DATE: Monday, October 1 by 11:59pm Please read Chapter 4 (How Children Develop- Nature Through Nurture) in the textbook before beginning this assignment. Assignment #2 consists of two parts. This assignment consists of two parts and both parts, a total of three posts, must be completed by their respective due dates in order to receive credit. No partial credit will be given. Your assignment should be at least one page in length. You must address all aspects of the assignment and you must write in complete sentences using Standard English (e.g., no abbreviations like “lol” or “ur”). Grammar, spelling, and punctuation do count, so please proofread before submitting Choose one area in Chapter 4 that you are having trouble with. Perhaps you are not clear how dominant and recessive genes work to produce traits and characteristics, or maybe you don’t understand a gene-environment interaction theory such as epigenetics. Go to a search engine like “Google” and type in your key words / phrase, and try to find a website that enhances your understanding. Go over the site carefully and see if it helps you. If it does not help you, choose another site. I have posted a website evaluation checklist on the course menu to assist you in finding a reputable site. You may not use Wikipedia! Post the following information to the Discussion Board: 1. Describe the area that you don’t understand or are having trouble with. Be specific. 2. Provide the web address of the site that helped you. 3. Describe specifically how the site enhanced your understanding. 4. You may not use the exact same problem or site as someone else. 5. You must write in Standard English and proofread before submitting. ________________________________________________________________________ PART 2 DUE DATE FOR POSTING REPLIES / RESPONSES TO TWO (2) OF YOUR CLASSMATES: Wednesday, October 3 by 11:59pm Read your classmates’ postings / websites and critique the work of at least two of your classmates. (Thus, you will post two separate critiques for Part II.) Each post/critique must be at least one-half of a page in length. Make sure your critiques are meaningful. In your reply, include the following: 1. ?Did the website enhance your understanding of the concept? If yes, explain how it did; if no, explain why. Do not simply answer yes or no; you must support your answer. 2. ?a) Overall, what did you think about the website? ?b) Is there a website that is better? ?c) You must make specific recommendations for improvement in each critique. Give constructive feedback or make any other thoughtful comments or suggestions that show you have critically evaluated your classmate’s work. 3. ?If you respond to a classmate’s work and you see that someone else has previously posted a reply, you may not simply repeat what the other classmate said! You will not get credit. Your contribution must be different. 4. ?If someone responds to you, respond back accordingly. 5. ?You must write in Standard English and proofread before submitting.

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