Practice Theory Paper –due at the beginning of class  For this assignment, students will submit a paper (in addition to a reference page) with at least 7 references from journals or books, with at least 4 of these from the course readings. The paper will have an additional cover page, be printed in a 12 point font in Times New Roman , be double-spaced and use APA format for referencing. In terms of the content, students will:  a. a. Choose and describe a theory of practice such as:  b. Task-centred Approach  c. Systems Theory  d. The Strengths Perspective  e. A Feminist Perspective  f. Anti-Oppressive Practice  g. Critical Race Theory  h. Narrative Therapy  i. Queer Theory  j. Trans Theory  a. b. Outline which grand theory/philosophy (e.g. post conventialism) the selected practice theory is linked to and describe why / how you believe it to be so.  a. c. Discuss:  b. How you would use this practice theory (i.e. Critical Race Theory) to respond to a group/issue close to your heart (i.e. imagine yourself using it to work with women from racialized communities who are depressed for example and reflect on what may or may not work)  d. End the paper by reflecting on where you now position yourself theoretically. (i.e. with respect to your preferred grand and social work practice theory, who are you, how will you describe yourself and what are you still struggling with?)

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