Ethical considerations of CSR (Sporting Brands Goods Manufacturing) – An Asian Perspective

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to study the sporting goods/sports brands (clothing and footwear) industry through the prism of the CSR. First of all, it investigates the ways in which companies of this sector deal with the ETHICAL & Social responsibility issues that are specifically important to the characteristics of the sporting goods Manufacturing Industries based in Asian Countries (Vietnam, China, Bangladesh Etc.) . Secondly, the motivators of implementing CSR in the sporting goods Manufacturing business are identified and analysed. Thirdly, the CSR practices of Nike, Adidas, Puma, a well-known multinational corporation/brands operating in the sector of sporting goods are discussed in order to illustrate the theoretical review with the case study approach. Keywords: Ethicality in sporting goods industry, corporate social responsibility, sporting goods industry, Nike, adidas, Puma – case study analysis. Whats Needed in This THESIS: Essentially, this treatise needs to identify, analyse, contextualise, investigate, ardently discuss and critique adverse results, repercussions and impacts of outsourcing leading Sports Goods Brands, in terms of sports goods, products, accessories, equipment and how issues like sweatshops, unethical practices for profit maximisation and cost reductions, dubious Supply Chain Management, unethical and amoral child and women labor issues, and other asocial economic, sociological and ethical issues could best be addressed, remedied and implemented such that the right, innocuous, positive, well meaning and constructive social and ethical images of leading Sports goods brands like Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Puma, etc. which could constructively and well- meaning be enforced on short, medium and long term basis. IMPORTANT POINTS: 1. Need to define a field of study, otherwise it’s too broad and not quite relevant. So the topic needs to be based on one core and specific field of study to be picked and narrowed down to. Broader Study Field is “CSR Compliance In sports manufacturing & Ethical Aspects of CSR) 2. Need to explain at first why this topic /theme is relevant, meaning you need to start with facts, not judgement or opinion. 3. Methodology : for e.g. – triangulated study protocols/ saying you are if you are using spss is not quite a methodology. Methodology = you state a problem precisely and you explain why it is relevant to answer the way you answer. We will need a robust quantifiable methodology. 4 structure should be : Research question, hypothesis 1 then 2, then 3 and not Objective / Hypothesis (E.g. A/B methods is not a way to address an hypothesis : you address a hypothesis and you use the A/B method to confirm or disprove the hypothesis…)  5 the overall structure should be revised * Intro : you explain the the overall project, what you are looking for, why it is relevant, your methodology… * Hypothesis 1  * Hypothesis 2 * Hypothesis 3 You analyse and discuss at the end of each part /analysis, the overall conclusion sum it all up * Conclusion Appendix including your literature review, all at the end Proposed study sought to (Egg. for hypothesis questions): 1. Understand and explore the relationship between CSR activities and its ethical & social impact. 2. Understand how the alignment of a company‘s core business principles and CSR activities influence the relationship of CSR and social impact. 3. Are Positive CSR initiatives direct result of the demands of consumers?

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