Ethical, Legal, and Organizational Influences on Crisis Management and Communication

1. Research a circumstance in which an organization had to communicate during and after a crisis. This can be an internal or external crisis and the communication can be internal or external or both. 2. Understand and evaluate the steps taken in managing the crisis. Understand the role varying stakeholders (including employees and the general public) had in that process. 3. Be sure your research turns up sufficient information to support the requirements of this assignment, beyond what may have been reported by media outlets. 4. In a well-written paper, provide a brief summary of the crisis and the organization’s communication efforts to respond to it. 5. Evaluate the ethical, legal, and organizational influences on the organization’s communication effectiveness (or lack thereof) in this situation. Your paper should meet the following requirements: • Be 3-4 pages in length • Include at least three peer-reviewed, credible sources, in addition to properly citing information from the selected organization. • Be formatted according to APA standards

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