ethically analyse an important issue or topic in contemporary health care

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to give students the opportunity to research and ethically analyse an important issue or topic in contemporary health care and to further refine research, evaluation, argumentation and writing skills. Assignment: Select from the list of topics posted at the bottom of this document. Please contact me if you wish to write on a variation of one of the themes. The paper should present a sustained argument defending your considered and informed opinion on the topic or issue. Format: The paper will be 8 to 10 pages (not including bibliography and title page), double spaced with 1” margins and 12pt font (Times New Roman). It must include at least 5 references from relevant peer-reviewed journals other than those assigned as class readings. You are encouraged to reference relevant course readings in addition to this. Remember to follow a reference format such as APA. I am not overly concerned about which format, but you need to be consistent. Evaluation: I will be looking for a clear and concise analysis of the topic and a well supported argument for your position. The paper will be judged on the basis of; • demonstrated knowledge of course material including moral theory, relevant theoretical perspectives and research related to the paper topic • ability to analyse the issues and synthesize a position • strength of argument, justification and explanation • ability to anticipate and overcome major objections to your position • originality of thought • overall impression (i.e., clarity of expression, grammar, spelling, sentence structure and style). Evaluating a written work is a holistic process that cannot be reduced to a simple checklist. The following rubric is meant as a guide to the evaluation process. (Note: I have adapted the below from a previous course instructor.) Potential Topics The following is a list of suggestions. Each bullet is a suggested potential topic. Topics that are similar to these are permissible. If you wish to write on something relevant to the course but substantially different from the below list, please have it approved in advance by the professor. Abortion • why we do or don’t need an abortion law in Canada • the morality or immorality of sex-selective abortion • abortion and genetic disorders • parental consent and abortion laws for minors End of lie issues • whether there is a moral difference between killing and letting die • whether we should allow active euthanasia and/or assisted suicide • the aptness of Canada’s new assisted dying law (ensure focus is on ethics rather than strictly legal issues) • the morality of suicide Genetics • genetic enhancement and or engineering • genetic screening for birth defects • cloning humans • cloning animals Health Care providers • on the right to conscientious refusal for HC providers (e.g. participate in abortion/euthanasia for those who disapprove or not be vaccinated against influenza or other). On the question of vaccination, you could review the case of Ezekial Stephan. • dealing with conscientious refusal by patients (e.g. of Makayla) • truth telling and disclosure • experimentation with human subjects • medical errors (better to admit to patients? Greater transparency required?) • protecting patient confidentiality when a patient puts others at risk Health System • Ethical issues around the privatization of health care delivery • Medical tourism • The future of Canada’s medical system (e.g. should public system expand to include prescription drug coverage outside hospitals, or alternatively contract to, say, allow private companies to take over orthopedic surgery. Or you could look at private funding for the replacement of the Victoria General and Centennial buildings – but be sure to focus on the ethical factors rather than economics or politics alone.) • Rationing of care in our healthcare system (e.g. should we spend less on end of life care?) Double Space!!!!

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