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I’m adopted. Its an online course. Assignment : Study on the ethnic background of both parents’ families: Students report this to be a very profound assignment helping them to understand their past and to consciously shape their future. This can be a wonderful opportunity to talk with family members you may not have contacted in a long time. Write about their cultural values, the challenges and the successes they may have faced during their lives because of their ethnicity. If you are unable to obtain info on your family, choose someone who has been or could be significant in your life. Phone interview, email, or in-person contact could all be helpful and be appropriate. Do some research about their cultural heritage; this may include on-line searches. For full credit:Be sure to include references in BOLD TYPE to the 1)concepts that we have been studying( for example: minority-majority group relations such as accommodation, assimilation, amalgamation,transmission theory, and 2) to theoretical perspectives such as conflict, functional and interactionist theories) Include references from supplemental research material in addition to your family’s reports. .Include a description of the impact on you personally of gathering this family information. To emphasize the parts in your paper where you are referencing material to Parillo or other sources, please hightlight them in bold.

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