Euthanasia (& and assisted dying) for traumatic disorder patients: Should it be legalize?

Introduction/ Background 10% Thesis statement: scope of paper + rationale 10% Arguments for the issue + sound supportive evidence Arguments against the issue + sound supportive evidence Logic of arguments Breadth and depth of arguments 30% Personal stance + logical, compelling arguments, sound supportive evidence 30% Evidence of effort and learning from 10% Language, flow, and organisation of paper 5% APA Formatting 5% TOTAL 100 % In pairs (meaning 2 people) 1.You are to write an argumentative essay(not a literature review) Your essay should include: -A brief background on the issue -A thesis statement –find out how to write a thesis statement suited for an argumentative essay -The arguments and counter -arguments pertaining to the issue -An evaluation of the current evidence -Your position of the issue with supporting evidence Your paper will be assessed based on: -Clarity of thesis statement -Evidence of deep, analytical thinking -Good integration of resources/ materials/ references -Logical, compelling, and convincing argument of the topic -Use of good academic writing style (e.g. proper spelling and grammar, clear articulation of points, structure and flow of paper) -Evidence of effort and learning Use only sound sources (i.e. peer reviewed articles); Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic,, simply psychology, webspace.ship, and their like are not authoritative sources. APA formatting In this case, you just have to do until the supporting part, means from introduction until the supporting the euthanasia should be legalize, you do not have to do the against part.

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