Evolution of Systems Analysis and Design

Essay requirements Do you want the writer to choose your thesis statement? Yes. What position or side do you want our writer to take? NA If you are requesting sources, what type of sources should they be? Prefer credible resources and no blogs, Wikipedia pages. Any other Special Requirements? Requirements Go Here: The paper uses 5 – 7 references that are properly cited using MLA or compatible citation style. Internet sources include valid URL. The paper uses standard grammar, punctuation and spelling. The paper is at least 10 pages excluding the title, abstract and bibliography , with proper margins, font, and double spaced. The paper is at least 10 full pages excluding the title, abstract and bibliography. Points will be deducted for short papers. 10 points for 1 page short, 25 points for 2 pages short, 35 points for 3 pages short and 0 points award for 4 or more pages short. Paper is original and has not been previously submitted. The length of your paper should be a minimum of 10 pages, double spaced. The cover and bibliography are not to be included in this page count; but both are required. An abstract is your choice but again not included in the page count. Use MLA or other compatible style. The font size is limited to 12, with one-inch margins all around. Images should be limited and must be of reasonable size.

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