Explain the procedures for formwork installation to a typical floor of a high-rise residential building.

Explain the procedures for formwork installation to a typical floor of a high-rise residential building. [Assume that traditional timber formwork is to be used. Your answer shall include fabrication of moulds, up till the inspection of formwork by resident engineer.] 1. Answers must be given in essay form. The length of the essay (the main text only) is limited to 2,000 words (or 8 pages of A4 size paper typed in 1 1/2 spacing). Where appropriate, students may provide drawings, sketches, diagrams or pictures in the appendices to support and/or elaborate the main text, the length of which would not be included in the word count. 2. The answers must be written in your own words. 3. All statements quoted from the works of others must be put under quotation marks and fully referenced. Bibliography/references must be provided. 4. Answers must be typed and printed on A4 size paper. The course code, student name, student number, and the name of the lecturer must be put on the title page. There shall be a transparent plastic front cover and a hard cardboard back-sheet. Submission shall be bound together with a plastic ring binder. 5. Proposed marking scheme: i) Mark allocation: 15% of the overall assessment ii) Weight of the various components of the essay: – 80% for content – 10% for structure – 10% for presentation format iii) Assessment criteria for the content part: – Technical knowledge (incl. theories, common work practices, codes of practice, regulations, statutory requirements) – Effort (comprehensiveness & depth of the work) iv) Assessment criteria for the structure and presentation part shall be as per those set out in the Word file on Basic Skills in Writing provided by the module instructor. By attempting questions in this part, students are expected to conduct extensive reading and searching to collect information on the relevant subject. In this process, students shall be benefited by reading literature from different sources, comparing and contrasting information collected, and making reflection on the subject.

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