female depiction of tradition and modernity in asian cinema

thesis :Female characters in Chinese cinema have often appeared as figures through which tensions between tradition and modernity have been dramatized and considered. Discuss this claim in relation to the main female characters in TWO of the following films: Two Stage Sisters and Red Sorghum. In your answer, discuss how the nature and depiction of the tension between tradition and modernity in Chinese cinema has changed in different periods of Chinese history. words : 1400 words deadline : 14/04/2019 8PM essay structure: intro: thesis, explanation, one reference about the explanation. body: three paragraph body where each paragraph starts with a key idea that prove the thesis, and 3 evidences that are obtain from the readings attached and to be referenced. the evidence s should support the key idea. at least 3 reference each paragraph. conclusion: restate thesis and shows that the key ideas is true. include bibliography at the end referencing style: APA

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