Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of movie Pretty Women

Analysis Paper Guidelines Introduction (1¶) Think of the introduction you learned in your public speaking(y) class Attention: Engage us in the topic in a loosely creative manner (e.g., “When the nation experiences a tragedy together, as they did when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, the president becomes grief-counselor-in-chief.”) Thesis: Succinctly state your goal/claim (e.g., “The following analysis of Reagan’s Challenger address reveals how the role of presidents to help an audience process grief.”) Significance/Rationale: Give us a reason to care—likely the reason you chose to study this artifact (e.g., “Reagan’s address is a prime example of the need and function of presidents to speak about national tragedy and provide solace for the citizenry.”) Preview: Briefly—and I mean, briefly—tell us about what will transpire, think in terms of sections (e.g., “My study opens with a description of Reagan’s Challenger address and Challenger’s significance to Reagan’s audience in 1986. Following a discussion of context . . . .”) Description of the Artifact (1-2¶, not much more than a page) The description here should be broad strokes. This is not the place for a play-by-play description of the artifact. The emphasis is on the context of the artifact and its place in society/history. This may be Why the artifact/speech came to be (as a response to something?) When was the artifact/speech created, heard, or otherwise made public? Who heard/saw the artifact/speech? What do we need to understand about the rhetor or text to understand the analysis to follow (this is not merely for Neo-Aristotelian criticism)? For Neo-Aristotelianism this can be the first phase of the analysis. Description of the method (1-2¶, not much more than a page) Tell us about your method, focusing heavily on how you will be using it (e.g., Don’t spend a lot of time [just a mention] talking about redemption figures in Fantasy Theme Analysis if that is not something you are focusing on). Make it clear what the tenets of the method are and how those principles lead to the actual means of analysis. For some methods this is looser than others, so you need to explain how you have employed it (e.g., how you are doinfeminist criticism). [NOT Needed for Neo-Aristotelianism] Analysis (the bulk of your paper) This is the really fun part! Arrange your findings by theme, chronologically, or whatever means makes sense. It is up to you to craft an analysis for us to easily follow. Use sub-headings as necessary, but be sure you still transition between the sections clearly. In your writing, going after every example of a theme, trope, or whatever will become a grocery list. Choose examples that are representative and rich. When discussing your findings focus on a pattern much like this: Establish a point you want to make (e.g., “The President repeatedly expresses his personal grief.”) Provide limited, but key examples (e.g., “In several places the President makes statements along the lines of, ‘. . .’.”) Explain your understanding of the example (e.g., “Reagan’s use of ‘I’ emphasizes that he experiences the pain of loss along with the general public.”) Express the significance of your point (e.g., “By showing his own grief for the tragedy Reagan bonds with the people . . . .”) Conclusion (1¶) As you would with a speech’s conclusion, briefly touch on what you did in the paper. Additionally, reflect on why your study matters. It may be that we learn from your analysis about: the nature of certain types of artifacts (e.g., presidential addresses during national loss) the significance of important artifacts (e.g., what is compelling about a popular movie) cultural values/concerns (e.g., what is the impact of a certain image of femininity/masculinity) From the Syllabus Mini-Analysis Papers – 35% (3) All analyses are 5-6 pages, should be attached to your analysis spreadsheet, turned in as hardcopy in a pocketed folder, submitted in D2L for TurnItIn check, and formatted according to MLA (APA if you must). If you submit all four papers, the best three grades will be used to calculate your final grade. Analysis 3. You will analyze an artifact using a rhetorical approach from an immediately preceding unit (Traditional, Burkean, or Cultural). You may submit papers for two or all of these three units. The first section should explain the background and artifact using at least two academic sources unique from other analyses. The second section should explain the methodological approach using the textbook and at least one published essay that uses your type of methodology. The third section analyzes the artifact according to the method you have selected. The paper should include a brief introduction and conclusion that emphasize issues of importance/significance. *This may be confusing. It’s a total of three sources, and those can be used in the background section and/or the analysis where you discuss the outcomes. View as Page Download

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