find out threats the problems, challenges, or, obstacles, in which that particular nation-state is facing)

School of Arts & Sciences Department of Humanities & Social Sciences The Course Project Spring 2019 POLI 100 – 1 & 2 Total marks: 10 Student’s Name: ———————————————————————————– ID #: ————————————————————————————- Instructor’s Name: __________________________________________. INSTRUCTIONS The Project is out of 10 marks. The Project is just a (Report) about a certain Nation – State selected by the student. Each student selects only, One, Nation – State; No more, and find out its threats (which means in this case the problems, challenges, or, obstacles, in which that particular nation-state is facing); do description, analysis, based on critical thinking, in the light of globalization. The Report consists from 1000 to 1200 words. Each student will present the report via power point presentation lasted in about 10 minutes or less. Usually, you will write your Report in word document, and then you could do your power point presentation as a summary of your word document report which will help you in doing presentation conveniently . Those students who do not like to do presentation, for any reason, they need to increase the Report’s words to 1500 words, and then they need to present the Report, individually, in my office #39 building C. AURAK Law, Ethics, The Honor Code and Honor System must be observed and maintained. Any violation or misconduct of HC and HS, will not be tolerated. Maintain Copy rights by presenting the sources of your report. Due time or the dead line: During the first week after Spring break. The Report Theory Nation-State is still a crucial actor, and, factor, in the world, although the contemporary political structures involved more globalized process. The globalization has not meant, yet, that the Nation-State has, or, had, lost, its vital status in world politics. In this sense, we could see the flow of the nation-state in the world, viewing its solidity, liquidity, and gaseousness, or, heavy, light, and weightless, consequences. Therefore, empirically speaking, choose a particular Nation-State, from the South Glob; the so called “developing countries”, or “third world”, and find out, or, focus on, the threats; the obstacles, the problems, or, the difficulties, in which that a particular country, or, nation-state, is facing, or, might be experiencing. I choose Afghanistan 1 research paper and 1 power point

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