Forensic Issue paper: The forensic issue is How mental illness plays a major role in sentencing

You will write 3 pages not including the cover page and references on the forensic issue at hand which is how mental illness plays a major role in sentencing. How sometimes it can be overlooked or surpassed for example Aaron Hernandez no doubt he was a thug. However he did have severe brain traumas that if possibly brought into his case or discovered at the time of his case could have had a major impact on his sentencing. You will search 3 scholarly journals from 2000 to the present and evaluate your selected 3 scholarly. You will cite the 3 scholarly journals in the paper and in the powerpoint presentation about the paper which should be between 10 mins. ATTACH BELOW ARE MORE INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT THE PROJECT AND THE EXPECTATIONS FOR THE WRITTEN WORK. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!!! Apa format 1 inch margins 12 point font doubled spaced. The powerpoint should be 10 mins long with interesting facts about the paper and pictures make sure to cite the powerpoint too using the 3 scholarly journals information.This is worth most of my grade please be considerate and do the work right. Research paper and powerpoint.

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