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Professor- 150 words It looks like part of the methodology is missing–what exactly did they test and to what ironman variables did they compare it? Did all participants compete in the ironman race? Please also describe the relationships found (we need to know their direction and strength to make sense of them). And if the participants were of different race (ironmad) categories, why did they combine them into one heterogeneous sample–how might that alone have confounded the data analysis? Student 150 words-Great post this week, I could talk about the ketogenic diet versus a carbohydrate diet every day for a year if had the opportunity. Your study focused on female Ironman triathletes that were on a ketogenic diet. I find it very interesting that the max Vo2 Max and the Max Fat Oxidation (MFO) were independent and weren’t correlated. One would assume that MFO would be correlated to Vo2 Max but apparently these are physiologically separate which is certainly information that athletes need to be aware of especially coaches and trainers who may not understand the difference. As far as the quality of the study I agree with all the aspects you mentioned. I assume that it is very difficult both financially and in manpower to house, feed and account for athletes in a metabolic ward. My question to you is do you think a ketogenic diet is superior to a carbohydrate based diet for endurance ultra-endurance athletes? Answer all questions with necessary supporting documents

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