gender, race, colonialism, sexuality (a research paper proposal )

The proposal should include the following elements: ? A Title ? An Abstract: o In 100-250 words briefly explain what your paper is about. An abstract is the first (and sometimes the only thing) a conference organizer or an editor will read when deciding on whether to accept your paper. o Your abstract should state very clearly what your paper is going to argue, how you are going to prove your argument, and why your work is important/worthwhile. ? Justification o In about 500 words, you must justify your paper’s fit with the topic of the conference/journal, and, in our class, the course: “Women and Gender in Western Political Thought.” o Sample questions to consider: How does your paper relate to the course? How does your paper use the themes we’ve covered in class to address your particular area of interest? What new knowledge are you contributing to this field? Which theorists from the course will you relying on for your work and why? ? Introduction/Overview (3-4 pages double-spaced) o Provide an introductory paragraph in which you contextual your topic, explain your argument about that topic, and a description of how you would go about conducting this research, assuming that you will write the paper on it at some point. o Outline of sections: Provide an outline (can be bulleted, numbered, etc) illustrating how the evidence in your paper will be organized in the paper. o Future Potential: What questions will your paper raise or leave unanswered that provide the material for a next project? ? Works Cited o Please choose one format and stick to it, preferably Chicago or MLA. Your bibliography should include any texts from the course you are using, any pieces you consulted to help write your proposal, and any pieces that you found that you would want to read if you were writing this paper.

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