Gene therapy for hemophiliacs – will it ever be a treatment of choice?

Through-out the whole essay you are conveying why gene therapy should be used for the treatment of haemophilia. • Needs to consist of a intro, definition of the different types of Haemophilia’s, brief description of what they are e.g. how they are inherited e/g provide examples of mutations that may cause them // talk about conventional therapy // how/ why is gene therapy may be a treatment of choice for haemophilia’s // Talk about the future of gene therapy of these conditions INLCUDE A CONCLUSION, AND INCLUDE ALL REFERENCES USED. Essay in total should be 1550 words consisting of ¾ paragraphs which include introduction, main body, conclusion, reference list. Use current research articles from journals / use appropriate search engines only use scientific journals/books no random websites. Include all the references used in the end. [Harvard referencing] // the above instructions is just a guide, the writer’s quality of work should match that of an undergraduate degree level.

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