GEOPOLITICAL paper on the foundation, movement, political and economical aspect of HEZBOLLAH in Lebanon

Geopolitics Paper: “HIZBALLAH” Peace Army in Lebanon The history and role of Hezbollah in Lebanon. Explain all the key dates from 1960 to 2005 including the death of Hariri’s father and the role of the Hezbollah in Lebanon and in the Arabic Peninsula. Detail about the Origins / Foundation of the « Hezbollah » from 1960 – 2005 All the Geopolitical / Political aspects and issues that happened with the Hezbollah With a brief history of Lebanon 1985 to 2005 (explaining the death of Hariris father) Important Dates to Include: FOUNDATION / WAR HEZBOLLAH: 1960-1990 GAB 1975: 15 year old war stakes 1982-1990: Hezbollah War. Related to USA SOUTH LEBANON CONFLICT: 1990 – 2000 MATHIS Occupies by Israel Cedar Revolution HEZBOLLAH & POLITICS: 1992-2005 GAB / MATHIS Elections 1996 All websites / books need to be cited. Wikipedia Source: Lebanon deliberately participated in few external conflicts, except the Arab wars against Israel, in 1948 and 1967, with the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies. Otherwise, it is mainly conflicts that he undergoes. This is true of the various Israeli invasions of Lebanese territory [18] and the importation of the Syrian crisis into Lebanon, which is becoming more and more worrying as the situation gets bogged down in Syria. The same Syria, moreover, has always shown some inclination for annexation vis-à-vis Lebanon including maintaining its presence in Lebanon and its hold on the functioning of the state [19] and the economy [20] . According to the Lebanese, corruption is undoubtedly the major scourge in the country, in the same way as confessionalism and communitarianism [21]. Of course, it is difficult to find extensive studies on the subject or to obtain perfectly reliable figures, but even the available estimates seem overwhelming for Lebanon. For example, the Lebanese Transparency Association (LTA) has estimated the index of perceptions of corruption in Lebanon at 2.5 / 10 [22] which places the country, for the 2011, ranked 134th worldwide out of 183 countries. This score has been the same since 2009, reflecting “the persistence of a high level of actual and perceived corruption” [23].

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