Global digital Media Ethics

? Select a Tech such as AI, Augmented Reality, VR, Robotics, Nano-Tech, Human-Computer Interface, Neuro-Biological Implants, Bionic Prosthetics, Digital Surveillance, Mobile Communication Implants, Smart Clothing, Cloud Based Computing, etc. 6-8 Page Ethical Reflection, Explored the possible consequences that the tech has on Humanity. Especially those aspects of humanity that affect the ability to communicate, to treat others as ourselves, our ideas of right and wrong. How a particular tech would affect what we define as being human. Questions: Does the tech threaten any of the above in some way? Such as Def of Humanity. Is caution in order? Should we keep developing the tech? What do you think the restrictions should be on it? does the tech enhance our ability to serve others? does it increase our human connection or relationship with other people? Converse with others? Feel Compassion and mercy to others? does it diminish it? What is the impact on our humanity? Is this tech essential to humanity? Is it something we really couldn’t do without? Or is it simply a new toy that isn’t going to affect much at all? Does it meet a basic need? Or is it a crutch that diminishes time and causes us to do more work? You will be expressing your own views and your own opinions on the topic you choose. Speculating on the future. The professor will look at how well you make your case. Make sure you have adequate references. Done some reading and looked into this. Thought about it and developed 3, 4, 5 arguments. Make your case and then write it out. How well can you do that?

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