Global Strategic Management/Strategy and strategic development of M & A : A case of DNV GL global company

The focus of the thesis has to be in the area of “Strategic Management” including aspects of globalization. The thesis shall be empirical work (based on theoretical foundations). Selected subject of the master thesis: Global Strategic Management. Thesis proposal paper shall answer these areas: -PROBLEM STATEMENT : Concretization of the theme, description of the problem / background of the work. This is an introduction to the topic. -OBJECTIVE(S) of the thesis : The specification of the theme is realized by the formulation of one (or a few) objective(s) of the work. The formulation of the objectives is crucial precondition for an effective and systematic work on the thesis. For an empirical work the planned research design has to be outlined. -STRUCTURE OF THE THESIS : the basic structure of the thesis informs about the contents and the logic of the overall design. The headlines of chapters (sub-chapters) have to be formulated clearly and precisely. The structure must be consistent and plausible. -Literature research / list of references : A profound and encompassing literature research is essential for a master’s thesis. For the development of the concept a minimum of 10 scientific literature sources (books, scientific journals) is required. As part of the literature review the search of topic related scientific articles in recent journals (last 5 years) is mandatory. The subject of the thesis is Global Strategic Management and the topic is Strategy and strategic development of M & A : A case of DNV GL Multinational Company.

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