Hamilton Concert Report

In addition to the other activities you will want to attend one concert and do a report. The concert report should be no less than 2 pages (roughly, between 500 and 600 words). The purpose of this report is to get in your own words the reactions you have to the performance attended. These remarks should be two-fold: A. Objective: What you heard musically, not subjective reaction. Endeavor to comment on the chief characteristics of each movement of a work. Comment on the instrumentation, texture, and form as fully as you can using the knowledge gained from the course. The purpose is not a “Stanford-like” theoretical analysis, but to get you to apply as much as you can from the course to your report. B. Subjective: your personal reaction to the music. Use examples drawn from your own experience. Be as expressive as you wish. Describe the effect of the music on your feelings. Give your impression of the audience’s reactions as well. Full link to the document concert: http://www.pbs.org/video/2365870668/

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