Healthcare Organization Exploration – Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plans

In the following scenario you are a healthcare manager for an organization of your choice. You are charged with providing an analytical review of the bullet points below: ? Choose a healthcare organization in your area. ? Explore their website and/or interview an employee of the organization. ? Write a 5 page paper that includes the following: o The organization’s mission, vision. o A summary of basic information and the structure of the organization. o Evidence of strategic planning. o Evidence of information technology plans or projects. o Analysis of how their IT plans support their mission and strategic plans. o Use of research to support your ideas and thoughts about this organizations planning. Requirements ? There must be a cover page, 5 pages of content, and reference page ? In-text citations and references must be in APA format ? A minimum of three references must be used. One can be your textbook and the others should be scholarly journals. No .com references will be accepted. ? #1 – 4 above can be used as headings for that portion of your paper. ? Paper covers all topics included in the instructions and there is clarity of purpose ? Writing is clear and detailed and uses critical thinking in making connections to course material ? Writing is in the students own voice and includes in-text citations to support the writing

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