history of algebra essay report

The History of Algebra Read the following articles from nrich The history of Algebra in two parts Part 1, Part 2 Alternatively, go and revisit the essential questions and essential understandings and consider writing a response to one or more of them Write an exploration/report/response having read the article(s) Your report should be a couple of sides long and may contain diagrams and/or pictures where relevant. The following are a few questions that may be able to guide you or inspire you but you may also write about anything regarding the topic of algebra¬Ö. Summarise your thoughts on the article. How does it relate to what you have been learning in class? What implications does what you have read have for you? Which nation can lay claim to being the founding nation of Algebra ? You may find that you want to research further, reading other articles or information online or in books. If this is the case then make sure that you state/cite what these references are.

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