history of oboriginals in australia and impact on enginnering

Literacy Assignment 3 – this is an individual assignment Submission information An electronic copy of the assignment must be submitted via Turnitin. Please do not email your assignments. Format: Typed reflective writing evaluation worth 10% Assignment instructions Write a 1200-word reflective evaluation investigating the history of the treatment of Indigenous Australians over the last century. How do you think this history should impact upon the ethical practice of engineering? How would this influence you in communicating with Aboriginal communities and representatives as an engineer? Students can refer to the materials in Module 9 under the Literacy Skills tab in Blackboard and supplement this with their own research. This offers an opportunity for critical self-review and performance evaluation against appropriate criteria as a primary means of tracking personal development needs and achievements. This is consistent with the Engineers Australia’s Stage 1 Competency Standard for Professional Engineers. Marking criteria REFLECTIVE WRITING CONSTRUCTION /6 • A well-structured reflective evaluation piece with clear sentences and paragraphs linked to support each other • Clearly expressed opinions and arguments • Logical and concise writing free from typographical and grammatical errors • Two references using APA 6th edition referencing – the references should be cited in-text and end-text PERSONAL REFLECTIONS /4 • Extensive evidence and personal responses to key issues relating to Indigenous perspectives It should also include: • The ECU assignment cover sheet. • Work typed on A4 size paper with 1.5 line spacing

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