Hospitality and Tourism Industries in Terms of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

My personal Background and Experiences in the Hospitality and Tourism Industries in Terms of Diversity, Inclusion and Equality: 1. Demonstrate understanding of the theoretical and practical frameworks concerned with diversity, inclusion and equality. 2. Explain and discuss the equality and access issues within the hospitality and tourism industry including recognition of the duties under relevant legislation, legislative and regulatory policies, practices and measures. 3. Identify the barriers and restrictions that a diverse range of people face when attempting to access hospitality and tourism facilities and hospitality- and tourism-related activities, and identify potential solutions. 4. Explain the role and responsibilities of hospitality and tourism in terms of inclusion and engagement. 5. Identify solutions for wider inclusion issues in the world of work reflecting on their own personal attitudes. 6. Harvard System References (HRS) (Indicative Content) • An introduction to the critical, contextualized study of diversity, inclusion and equality; definitions of disabilism, ageism, ethnicity and gender, religion and beliefs, language and etiquette, assumptions, types of impairment, and identification of the barriers to inclusion. • Key concepts and definitions of diversity of people in hospitality and tourism contexts; disability identity/multiple identity, representation, stigma and stereotyping, equal rights and equal opportunities, and equality legislation, staff awareness, and accessible environments, and ease of access to information. • Insight into key legislative and regulatory practices and conventions, particularly in the hospitality and tourism context. • Organisational self-evaluation: Actions to foster and promote an inclusive work culture where divergent beliefs, attitudes, aptitudes, backgrounds, capabilities, and ways of living are welcomed and encouraged and leveraged for learning and informing meaningful and constructive business decisions. PS.! : I’m a 1st year college student in City Unity Alpine center and im currently studying Hospitality and Tourism Management .. I still don’t have any experiences in working. All that we are learning is about Food and Beverage Service (practical) so maybe this could help. THANKYOU!

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