How can we adopt Regulation Approach’s framework to analyse the Financialization?

This is a reflection paper for Political Economy of Organizing. I need words 2.200 to 2.300 by May 12th. I will attach the documents to be used as reference. Plagiarism is critical and as it is for PhD lesson, context and quality is important. The theoretical framework outlined during this course stated that, a model of capitalist development permits a relatively stable path of capitalist accumulation, despite the contradictions of its social relations, for a period of time. Such a model may be analyzed as follows: 1) A technological paradigm describes how waged-work is organized. 2) A regime of accumulation is the stable structure of effective social demand that allows for the smooth realization (selling) of capitalist supply, and the orienting of profits to new investments. 3) A mode of regulation is the set of institutions and routines inducing agents to act in accordance with the regime. 4) An international configuration describes the compatibility between the various national socioeconomic formations following their various models and exchanging of goods and capital on the world market. How can we adopt the Regulation Approach’s framework to analyze Financialization?

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