How does the broader political environment affect public administration?

Students are expected to have a minimum of eight academic sources (peer-reviewed journal article) that do not appear in this course. Two of these sources can be edited or authored books. Certainly, students’ essays may incorporate course material into the essay, but it cannot be relied on to construct arguments. Apart from on-line academic journals, government documents, and reports from international and non-governmental organizations available through the University of Ottawa’s library system, internet sources cannot be used for this assignment. The following is used to assess the essay: 1. Has the paper addressed the question posed by the assignment? 2. Does the essay clearly state its thesis and then follow it up with how the arguments will unfold? 3. Does the essay critically engage with other arguments? Strong essays take arguments seriously, even those they may not necessarily like. 4. Does the essay demonstrate conceptual understanding and variety? 5. Is the essay well organized, enabling its arguments to flow? 6. Are arguments elaborated rather than rushed and stated as self-evident? Remember, strong arguments are focused and develop a particular point. 7. Is evidence provided to assert an essay’s arguments? 8. Is the essay free from grammatical and/or spelling errors? Poor grammar and spelling immediately create a negative impression. More important, poor grammar and spelling prevent the clear communication of an essay’s arguments and ideas. 9. Is the research adequate and relevant? 10. Proper citation and bibliographical form. 11.All assignments must adhere to the following: 1.25″ left- and right-side margins, 1″ top and bottom margins, and Times New Roman 12- size font

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