How Europe and North Atlantic ICAO region are affected by the influence areas

Influence Area #1: Religious and Societal Norms; Rights and Liberty #2: Language and Communication Issue #3: Infrastructure Issue #4: security Issues #5: Safety Issue #6: Environment and Weather Issues Evaluate and define all six (6) Influence Areas (listed above) in Europe and North Atlantic ICAO Region. Research papers will be graded based on the student’s ability to identify how each of these issues affects the regions ‘link and relationship to the global air transportation network. Research papers must be at least ten (10) full pages of text (not to include title page or reference pages), in APA format (to include citations and reference page), Times New Roman font, size 12, with 1” margins all around . Research papers will be submitted in two forms (Rough Draft and Final Draft). The rough Draft will be due Week 11of the semester, and the Final Draft is due Week 13.An outline Guide for the organization of the paper will be provided.

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