How have NBC and ABC reported the Racial Issue Discussions from the last 6 US Presidential Election debates?

Hello. I’m working on a group project in Communication studies and I am tasked with investigating how the two mainstream media in the US (NBC and ABC News) reported the racial issue discussions from the last six US Presidential Election Debates (year 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016). I would like to invest in specific the following points: • What roles do NBC and ABC normally take when they report the racial discussions over the past 6 presidential election debate? Do they have any assumptions of the “political correct” standard? • Do they just simply report or they would add in their own stance, esp. in favor to the party that they support, e.g. NBC is more pro-Democratic presidential candidates and ABC News is more neutral but leaning towards more Democratic candidates versus Republican? • Do they actually demonstrate the professional values of media, e.g. objectivity, unbiased, etc. when reporting the racial discussions? • How do the two network companies influence citizen’s voting decisions with their broadcast on the racial discussions? • Was there any “abnormalness” during the last 6 presidential election debate? Especially with all the outrageous comments on racial topics by Donald Trump? Maybe they change their support to the party? • Any other interesting and relevant points IMPORTANT NOTES • Please apply “Sphere of Consensus” concept by Daniel C. Hallin and any other relevant communication/journalism/media academic concepts • MUST include referencing in the paper (please provide the list of references)

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