How is Turkey constructed as a secular Muslim republic ?

critical analysis report will reflect awareness of some of the methodological and epistemological difficulties inherent in the academic and anthropological study of the Middle east and north Africa. As it does so, the report needs to focus on a thematic area (a social institution, an actor, a social class, gender, youth, the city etc.). So, choose your thematic focus for the report and approach it critically by demonstrating familiarity with the problematics of representation in the MENA region. I was thinking about: “How is Turkey constructed as a secular Muslim republic?” and the answer would involve making sense of the question: is it a contradiction in terms, or in fact is it possible to fuse elements of historical tradition with modern secular sensibilities? This would involve looking at things from various aspects of contemporary Turkish society (youth is one aspect, but there are others too: politics, media, tourism etc…. think of globalisation dynamics).

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