How to Get a FIFA License for Merchandise (hint: find the application)

Create a presentation that is a “how-to Get a FIFA License for Merchandise guide for your classmates. Research the topic, then prepare a “how-to” explaining the topic to the class. To make the presentation as practical as possible, give ins and outs, best practices, tips and cautions, etc., and an example (one from the real world or one from your imagination–i.e., what you’d like to do). You may prepare a live presentation or self-playing media (e.g., movie). There are no length or slide number restraints, but you should prepare a presentation that goes into substantial detail demonstrating your expertise in the area. A purely high level explanation will not earn the highest grade–helpful details are key. Ensure that your presentation includes: A title slide showing the topic you selected and containing your copyright notice (circled C, year, name). An explanation of how licensing works in the topic area. An example of a licensing deal you might do in the topic area (to illustrate the material you just explained). References in APA format.

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