Human Factors Affecting the UAV operations

The presentation must be capable of speaking for minimum 7min to 10min. It should be in powerpoint. PART I 1. Title of the research topic 2. A one-sentence statement that describes the research. The class will discuss if the one sentence description is clear. PART II Elements of your research statement (i.e., purpose, problem, question, hypothesis, ancillary questions) PART III The framework for a literature review PART IV The framework of a research methodology PART V Describe the expected data and the source of data PART VI The way forward. Briefly, discuss any aspect of your upcoming GCP. The following does not have to be part of the presentation, but be prepared to discuss the following: (a) WHY did you choose the topic? (b) WHAT do you already know about this topic? (c) WHAT is the problem your topic will address? (d) WHAT is significant about the problem? (e) HOW do you perceive your GCP will add to the body of knowledge of this topic?

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