I need it done by midnight if possible Activity 1

(I NEED IT DONE IN 10 HOURS)Find a blank outline map of the United States adn Canada on line and copy and paste it onto a powerpoint slide or if you prefer a word document. Using text boxes, carefully and clearly label all of the sub-political units (i.e., states and provinces) for each country. Then, select at least 20 physiographic features found with North America and use text boxes and the drawing tools to locate each of them. These may be any type of physical feature and can be of any size (i.e. spanning multiple states). At least 5 of the physical features must be in Canada. Please use color and/or symbols to indicate the location and extent of each of the physical features identified. It is recommended that you choose a certain color to represent certain types of features (blue for lakes, and rivers). Please submit via the submission link by midnight Sunday.

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