Identify Etruscan Influences on Roman Culture, Politics, and Language

Topic: Identify Etruscan Influences on Roman Culture, Politics, and Language I need someone to construct a detailed outline with the research included. I will draft the essay myself. I just need an outline and research of secondary sources and primary sources that are of use. The outline must be detailed enough, so I can draft it properly. Also, provide me with a thesis and summary of how to approach the topic. Ive included my essay instructions too. Your essays must be no less than 2000 words. (not counting foot-notes/end-notes and Bibliography) Primary sources must be used found in the Library, on your course site and in your Boatwright text Secondary sources must be used your Boatwright text, other books, journal articles, lectures and materials in your Study Guides Both types of sources MUST be properly referenced. Technical aspects = 30% Resources: Dept. of History Essay Guidelines & Lakehead Writing Centre format, Bibliography, references, word count spelling, grammar, punctuation, expression no contractions in formal writing structure, thesis statement, conclusion, transition sentences proof-reading is essential any other technical aspects Substance = 70% Resources: textbook, online research, library guides, library resources & Librarians use of appropriate primary & secondary sources (not websites) material is arranged and organized to address the essay topic and support your thesis with evidence presented clearly in a logical and focussed manner no irrelevant materials or statements

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