Identify social structures in the social world that may influence aging individuals

Sociology • Identify social structures in the social world that may influence aging individuals. Discuss how social structures can be used to explain individual choices and experiences of the elderly. Write a one-page response to the following question: How does social structure influence the choices and experiences of aging individuals? You must identify two social structures from the social world and discuss how they may influence choices and experiences of aging individuals. Social structures include such concepts as social stratification, inequality, social institutions (such as political, economic, education, health and family systems), cultural patterns, roles and status to name a few. Your paper should include the following paragraphs: Introduction • Introduce the social structures you will discuss. • What is the relevance of focusing on how we organize our society to studying the aging population? Body • What is meant by the term social structure? • Identify 2 social structures that shape the lives of older individuals. • Define each of the 2 social structures using sources from course material. • Discuss how the structures influence the choices and experiences of aging. • Provide support for your discussion by referring to textbook Conclusion • Briefly summarize the main points. • What are the implications of explaining age-related issues by looking at social structures? To help you respond to the question above, please refer to Required Readings A. Textbook Reading: Chapter 1 “Choices and Constraints in Aging: Theoretical Approaches and Sociological Contributions” (Funk, 2016) B. Social Structure and Aging: Wister, Andrew V., & McPherson, Barry D. (2014). Social structure and aging. In Aging as a social process: Canadian perspectives, Sixth Edition (p. 165-174). Don Mills, Ontario: Oxford University Press.

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