Identifying the key personal attribute of effective project managers employed in the manufacturing industry in

PLEASE FOLLOW THE MARKING CRITERIA. You can change everything inside but make sure it has anything relate to the marking criteria and the sample which has been given. All my appendix were wrong ! please follow everything the same as the sample. Find the part that are missing in my dissertation and fill it in. My abstract is over word and which was wrong as well due to the methodology. Literature reviews need to be 3000 words. I need more chart and table in that area ! I have a problem with research methodology. I need more table and chart Research analysis Last time what I did is to make survey question only in order to get data ! however my lecturer want me to interview 5 project mangers ! therefore all the research methodology and data analysis was wrong !. for this research I want more bar chart comparison as what I did before. You must now do the following: 1. Rewrite Chapter 1 2. Rewrite Chapter 3: Research Methodology using Nguyen’s and other dissertations as a guide. Don’t forget “research ethics” (refer to the ethics forms that you have submitted) 3. Review your collected data and change the interview questions (where needed). Update your interview responses (some very confusing!) and, where needed, go back to the interviewees for new answer. 4. Update Chapter 2: Lit Review to take into account the modified research aim and objectives 5. Update Chapter 4: Findings & Discussion – plenty of changes here. Don’t forget to include the demographic details – use charts where useful. 6. Write draft Chapter 5: Summary & Conclusions – about 5-7 key findings followed by “limitations”, “recommendations for practitioners” and “recommendations for future research”. Each key finding should be associated with one of the research objectives. NOTE: INTEXT CITATION ONLY no footnote and endnote. CHICAGO 16th reference format. i need turnitin report !

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