In which ways did Napoleon fulfill the ideals of the French Revolution

In which ways did Napoleon fulfill the ideals of the French Revolution, and in which ways did he trample upon them? To set the question in context, you need to start with the events leading up to the Revolution of 1789, and then the effects in which Napoleon grew-up and into. 1) Please use your textbook, and materials from PBS Napoleon and also found free on YouTube broken down in several sections (usually four each some 45 min long): 2) Of course, start at the website ( and the mirror History Channel video presentation on YouTube about 1h and 30 min long: 3) The French Revolution Worksheet is to be filed out (pages 3, 4, 5) and submitted as part of Portfolio II (during Exam 2) – see attachment above. 4) For Effects of Revolution and Napoleon’s rule in French Overseas’ regions, see: World History Crash Course: Haitian Revolutions (12min 37sec) on YouTube: Cite 2 sources: the video, and our textbook. These 2 sources are the above links, and relevant sections from the chapter in your textbook dealing with France from this period, and neighboring regions mentioned in the video. Make sure that you cite and use less than 20% of total words count of your paper, cite properly your sources (MLA style – see instructions under “Originality and Format”). Have those two in text citations in the assignment itself. and list them in the “works cited” section at the end of your assignment (again, see the links on MLA citation). For questions on originality see Policy on Academic Integrity. Violations of the policy (e.g. if more than 20% of paper consists of non-original material, whether quoted or not cited, will result in grade nil – ‘zero’)

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