Individual Education Plans and Gender Non-Conforming Children

For this assignment you are to work with your group to develop, prepare and present an op-ed essay on a specified controversial topic related to disability. The op-ed essay must be written from a social model and/or disability justice model of disability perspective Evaluation Criteria: • Demonstrated depth of understanding of the issue (including an understanding of opposing arguments) • Effective utilization of relevant sources and proper citing of all sources • Clear, persuasive and engaging arguments in defence of the position statement provided. • Application of a social model of disability perspective • Teamwork • Writing: spelling, grammar, organization and structure • Participation in discussion board in response to other groups. The Proposition The use of IEPs to promote the accommodation of gender non-conforming children strengthens the inclusion of all students, including those who are disabled within the education system. A few tips ? Begin by defining an IEP. See the hard-copy handout of Dr. Kathryn Underwood’s chapter (not listed below). ? Clarify the language you will use throughout your op-ed. The TDSB guidelines will offer you some help in defining gender non-conforming. ? Consider the differences between accommodation and access. ? Exploring the intersection between ableism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia will be helpful. This is a group project essay, however my parts are all I need help with – and thats a one paragraph argument based on the first article provided (disability): A paragraph on this article: Bumiller, K. (2008). Quirky Citizens: Autism, Gender, and Reimagining Disability. Kristin Bumiller: Then another paragraph or 2 on these 2 articles (following the stance of the proposed argument): Rainbow Health Ontario, Evidence brief: 0/RHO_FactSheet_GIC_E1.pdf Shaping a culture of respect. Then a final conclusion based on this article: Toronto District School Board. (2011). TDSB guidelines for the accommodation of transgender and gender non-conforming students and staff: An administrative guideline of the Toronto district school boards human rights policy: ationofTransgenderStudentsandStaff.aspx (Download the full report as well as the fact sheet) Please make sure to read all the instructions carefully, the assignment isnt an entire essay. It is only part of one, and should really only be a page to a page and a half.

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