Individual Evaluative Summary Report on Group Presentations

Assessment Description . This individual evaluative summary report requires students to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Learning Outcomes 1 to 5 covering topics between Weeks 1 to12. . Follow the instructions below: 1. You are an independent consultant. Your brief is to provide a set of recommendations to a group of senior executives. You have been instructed to look into issues related to multicultural tensions in the workplace resulting in high turnover, low productivity and low morale among employees. The firm is a global organisation based in Australia, with employees needing to collaborate on team-based projects with global partners from various countries such as India, China, the US and Mexico. The management team is keen to adopt new policies and practices to improve the issues in their firm and to put in place long-term strategies that would promote effective collaboration among their multicultural teams from across the region. 2. In the MBA class you are enrolled in, you recently participated in a series of presentations on emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence and diversity. Choose from any two presentations based on two different organisations (other than the one presented by your own team) and summarise the key findings. 3. Then, justify why some of the strategies you learnt from those MBA presentations may be relevant to your consulting project. In your evaluation, you first need to analyse the firm’s weaknesses in managing a diverse workforce across multicultural regions. You need to provide convincing arguments as to why adopting some of the best practices and strategies from those two chosen organisations in your MBA class will help address the diversity challenges faced by this culturally diverse global organisation. Your arguments need to be persuasive and must maintain a tone of formality appropriate for the intended audience who are senior executives. 4. Use a report format as follows: (with appropriate headings and subheadings) ? Title Page ? Table of Contents ? Executive Summary ? Introduction (issues at the firm) ? Summary of two firms from the MBA presentations ? Analysis (justify transfer of best practice) ? Recommendations ? Conclusion ? Reference List ? Appendices ? Further guidance: ? You should adopt the Harvard referencing convention throughout your report as well as in the reference list at the end. ? It is recommended that you use the structure outlined above and adopt sub-headings based on each bullet point. ? The attached marking rubrics guide the marker when awarding marks for your report. You should review your paper in line with this to ensure there is nothing you have missed. ? It is important to check your similarity in Turnitin. All sentences highlighted must be either paraphrased in your own words or put in quotes and referenced accordingly. You should be aiming for as low a similarity score as you can. Similarity highlighted in a contents page, reference list or appendices is nothing to be concerned about.

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