Inner IPE (International Political Economy) Child paper – HIL (Heterodox Interventionist LIberal)

A paradigm is a POV (point of view) utilized to understand something. It determines your priorities, the questions that you find most interesting and important, and locates policy goals, methods to solve problems, and prioritization of Cui Bono interests. IPE children may be LIberal (Heterodox or Orthodox) or Structuralistor HYBRID (hyphenated as i.e. Ecological and/or Feminist Liberal or Ecological or Feminist Structuralist) Note that Neo-Mercantilism refers to a set of policies – not a paradigm. Introduce me to your inner IPE child and explain why you have chosen this paradigm. Part a) your understanding of your paradigm (explain your paradigm @ 1 page) Part b ) your final reflection on this course ( open ended conclusion @1 page) Use vocabulary, concepts, and specific examples from Interantional Political Economy course. Citations are Mandatory. My paradigm is HIL, heterodox Interventionis LIberal, which values efficiency mixed with a variety of state political and social objectives.

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