Intercultural Interview & Overcoming Intercultural Barriers

Instructions Assignment Files Grading Review the “Cultural Barriers” activity on the MyCommLab student resource page. For this assignment, you will interview someone from a different cultural background than your own or select an individual interview from the MyCommLab Cultural Barriers activity. Compare your cultural experiences with those of the individual you interviewed (or) an individual interviewed in the Cultural Barriers activity. Create an 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation or video that includes the following: Introduction and Conclusion Slide Personal background of the person interviewed Where this person has lived Any interesting cultural facts in this person’s history Any experiences this person has had adapting to new cultures A comparison of your cultural experiences with those of the individual interviewed Reference Slide Please include Speaker Notes in this presentation and remember to cite pictures and intellectual property. Speaker notes are defined as details that help define the contents of the slide. Remember that slides proper should contain bullet points and the content of the presentation should be in the speaker notes For this assignment, you will use your Intercultural Interview from Week 2. Create a plan incorporating strategies you could use when faced with intercultural barriers. Summarize the following as a part of your plan: Introduction explaining the purpose of the paper Description of the individual you interviewed Interview questions and answers Cultural similarities with the individual you interviewed Cultural differences with the individual you interviewed Strategies to be used to overcome intercultural barriers Conclusion Reference Page Include strategies to overcome any potential barriers you might encounter with this person or people from a similar culture that would affect interpersonal communication. Write 350- to 700 word paper By May 21, 2018 2pm central

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